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For this class and all the classes I taught this semester I used material that was created by me (worksheets-class activities). Also, at the beginning of every class I wrote down on a little white board the lessons plan for that day. For example, Today we will: Watch the film for 40 minutes. Finish a true of false worksheet. Your homework will be, to read a small part of the book Rabbit-Proof Fence. My plan was to motivate my students to learn by using task-based tasks (communicative teaching approach) content – based teaching and multisensory teaching. In every group activity I divided my students by strengths: Student 1 writes. Student 2 makes sure there are no language errors. Student 3 keeps check of the time (you have 5 minutes). Student…show more content…
I also integrated the four-level skills (reading, listening, writing and reading) to prepare my students to the next level of learning. In addition, I also assisted my teacher supervisor on organizing and preparing 10 tests. It think that I gradually helped my students advance and develop their overall academic vocabulary and skills and increase their critical thinking skills (synthesizing and contrasting) with reading, listening and writing tasks. Therefore, the plan for the first class was to create a preaching activity for the movie Rabbit Proof - Fence. As a Kveikja I decide to play a YouTube video with a man playing a traditional Australia instrument. Then, I followed by letting my students work in groups and tell me what they knew about Australia; they had to draw a poster of Australia and write down or draw at least 6 facts that they knew about Australia. Thereafter, we discussed together in class about the different facts we gathered about Australia. I turned on a virtual world map and compared the size of Iceland with the size of Australia and I and my students talked about the differences between the two…show more content…
Today was the exam day, therefore my students were not allowed to use their phones only dictionaries that were supplied by the teacher. They would have to write two essay and display effective understanding of the film. The essay would start today and last until the next class. 17.03.2016 Today my class started as usual I wrote down the plan for today’s class and followed by checking the student’s attendance. Today my students would receive their exams with detailed feedback. Their assignment today was to go over their exam and correct their mistakes grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes. They could also ask me to clarify any doubts they had relating to the exam. Additionally, they were allowed to work in pairs or groups to help each other go over their exams. The class went very well and I learned a lot there was nothing that would have changed.

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