Occlusal Plane Analysis

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OCCLUSAL PLANE ANALYZER Abstract: For the successful prosthetic rehabilitation of an edentulous patient, an important prerequisite is accurate orientation of occlusal plane. Occlusal plane is oriented by making the occlusal rims parallel to the imaginary interpupillary line anteriorly and parallel to the ala tragus line posteriorly on both the sides thus ultimately restores the plane of lost natural teeth. This article introduces a new and a simple device “occlusal plane analyser” which allows easy and accurate orientation of occlusal plane which not only save the clinicians time but will also improve the patients esthetics ,phonetics and chewing efficiency. The device also aids in measuring the vertical jaw relation in an accurate manner.…show more content…
Accurate plane anteriorly helps in achieving esthetics and phonetics while posteriorly it enhances chewing efficiency , keeping the food bolus between cheek and tongue. Biting forces are maximum when the occlusal plane is made parallel to ala tragus line. Thus incorrect record of occlusal plane would affect esthetics, phonetics and mastication. It may affect the stability of a complete denture and ultimately results in alveolar bone resorption. Conventionally occusal plane is oriented only with the fox plane with wax rim placed in patients mouth or many other devices are used for the same purpose requiring many adjustments to get accurate occlusal plane orientation .This procedure is time consuming and error prone. Thus this new device, occlusal plane analyzer, is made to overcome the shortcomings of conventional methods ,which is a simple ,efficient, and time saving instrument that records occlusal plane, midline and vertical dimension simultaneously in short time of a busy dental practioner. It is also useful instrument for occlusal plane orientation in patients with facial deformity,missing eyes ,missing…show more content…
But by using occlusal plane analyzer, parallelism is checked easily by paralleling the rods to interpupillary line and ala-tragus line, taking the opposite ear and eye as reference. Discussion: Various methods are there to assess the parallelism but as those instruments were made of metal ,it is cumbersome to use and heavy in weight. And also requires various adjustments which could be done by using two to three persons. Thus this new device occlusal plane analyzer is developed which have following advantages such as simple to use, exact parallelism of the occlusal rim to interpupillary line and campers line could be obtained easily along with midline orientation and measurement of vertical jaw relation. This is also useful in patients with facial deformity, missing eyes, missing ear. Conclusion: Occlusal plane analyzer is simple instrument which helps in determining facial midline, orienting occlusal plane, and recording vertical jaw relation simultaneously at a time. This device has single assembly which helps to assess three planes i.e interpupillary line and both ala-tragus line at time in a easy way .As this instrument is made of acrylic, it is light in weight and so comfortable to the

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