Personal Essay: My Journey With My Body

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My journey with my body in has been one with many pit holes, wrong way turns, dead ends, and rocks. Even when I was younger I had problems with my body, as a 110 pound dancer I always thought I was fat, as a child I was called “granddaddy long legs”, from the earliest days I can remember, I had a mild eating disorder. Now after many battle wounds, and frustrations I’ve finally begun to accept my body, and to work with it to try and make it better and stronger. Recently my biggest problems with my body are internal, but those internal problems have manifested in my outer body. I am tense, the muscles between my eyes have long forgotten how to relax, my right shoulder is always scrunched up to my neck, and I don’t speak as much as I used to. My…show more content…
I am working on trying to get it more relaxed, and increasing my range of motion, but it’s not been easy. All that said, I’ve always been really athletic, I used to dance five days a week from early in the morning till late in the day, I ran in high school, dabbled in soccer and dodgeball, and weight lifted. Now I use my body in the most challenging way I’ve ever experienced to jump and compete on horseback. But while my body is getting better, my voice is getting worse. I used to be a very talkative person, who sang all the time in choir and school. Now I rarely sing, and I don’t usually have much reason to talk. This has come from my inner environment, because I have so much going on that I’m basically preoccupied and stressed all the time. I don’t like that I’ve stopped being so outgoing, and I miss singing, so I’ve been dabbling in the art of shower singing, and I am going to therapy for the first time, so maybe I can feel better. I do like my ability to use my “Peter rabbit voice” The soft, soothing, lilting voice you use when you read a story aloud, as my debate instructor said, “it’s a vocal quality that can’t be taught. And I like that I can use my voice

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