10 Myths About Introverts

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10 Myths About Introverts Introduction Stereotypes who think they have a professional say on the matter of introversion, have always assumed introverts are socially awkward individual. Some even go ahead to claim introverts are egocentric and rude beings who abhor the company of other people; coming from being drained of the energy needed for interaction. These wrong assumption can be traced to stem from the lack of distinction between introversion and extroversion. These lifestyles are rooted in the psychological makeup of each individual. As an introvert, you’ll probably be misunderstood a lot. It takes a lot of time getting used to this, and it makes you choose certain people into your life, those who have learned to understand your lifestyle…show more content…
This doesn’t mean they lack what to say or have a problem stringing words together to make a sentence. Introverts take their time to analyze what they hear to make constructive contributions. This section will highlight reasons for non-vocal interactions by introverted individuals. Myth 7: Introverts are irksome individuals Introverts can’t have fun. This is a fallacy; introverts tend to create their kind of fun tailored to their lifestyle. Extroverts might enjoy wild parties; an introvert finds the same dose of fun in reading novels indoors. Introverts are not the party type, and this will be discussed in this section. Myth 8: Introverts are cunning Introverts being sly and devious is one very misleading myth. A lot of people are suspicious of introverts just because they are quiet and share tiny details about themselves to the public. This is just how introverts are wired; they don’t want their business out there. This trait doesn’t make them sly individuals. Myth 9: Shyness is a trait of all introverts Many shy people are introverted. A funny twist to this myth is that some introverts are not shy. Bill Gate is an introvert, but he doesn’t qualify as a shy person. He is a people person that has successfully built his empire around…show more content…
Myth 10: Introvert have low self-esteem Low self-esteem is an attribute a lot of people have. Introverts aren’t spared. However, introversion cannot be defined by the possession of low esteem. This myth will be disputed in this section. Why this article? Although this subject has been flogged, it hasn’t be done in this light. This article will provide scientific and psychological proof to dispute these myths. This article also fits this platform because it is a list well researched and it will resonate with a lot of readers here most of which I would assume are introverts or are extroverted individuals needing insight on the introverted lifestyle. Why this author? I call myself an unrepentant introvert. I have learned about my way of life, and I have some authority on this subject, and I would love to pass on my knowledge via this

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