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In Marjane Satrapi's Graphic Novel, The Complete Persepolis the education the main character receives is different from what government in the book tries to teach. The main character Marji is a young girl who has different forms of education coming into her life from different sources. Iran is being taken over in the 1980's and being changed by the "Islamic Revolution", this effects Marji in many different ways and forms, while all but changing her education for what the theocratic government called the better. The theocratic government of Iran ideas of education are very different from the original ideas of education and what is shown in the novel. The ideas of education are different from the single language and religious schools the author…show more content…
Her parents were very much letting her view the world from not just the different types of education she had received, i.e. her pre Islamic revolution education at a French non-religious school, to a school controlled by the Islamic government and pushed to only do and see one thing that is highly controlled, but they feed her their own ideas and information from other places. “To enlighten me they brought books” (Satrapi, 17) Her parents let her see the different things going on around the world so she wouldn’t think that only the French and Islamic education she received were the only things available in the world, but that there were different people with different thoughts of the world. At a young age Marji speaks of knowing about Palestine, Fidel Castro, and the background of her own people, plus the history of her country, when later she is showed in school to only be told of the war, politics, and Islam. As also demonstrated by her father when she tells him that the king was chosen by God and that it’s true, “He did so! It’s written on the first page of our schoolbook” (Satrapi, 23) After this her father proceeds to tell her the true history of the king and more background about the government and what’s really going on. The level of educational freedom in relative to the deep controlled Islamic education is very different from the theocratic idea the Islamic revolution tried to impose on

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