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Persepolis 2 is a graphic memoir by Marjane Satrapi. This book shows key moments in Iranian history from her own perspective as an Iranian and a westerner. Marjane is a girl who is headstrong, independent, and outspoken. Persepolis 2 starts off right after her parents send Marjane to Vienna, where she ends up in a boarding house run by nuns. Marjane felt out-of-place at school since she transferred in the middle of the school year. She finds herself in a state of liminality. This was a phase in which she lacked social status or rank, remained anonymous, showed obedience and humility, and followed prescribed forms of conduct. She began to appeal to the students around her using her math skills and her ability to draw caricatures of her teachers. Eventually, Marjane gets expelled from the boarding house because of her outspoken nature. She then finds herself in a variety of living situations: with her sexually liberated friend Julie, with eight homosexuals, and renting a room from a…show more content…
She was a soft exile in Iran and in the west. Soft exile means that she was not casted out of her society by a political authority but rather her own parents. Marjane’s early life in Iran influenced her perspective of things from Iran to Vienna. When she arrived to Vienna she learned the harsh reality of how people actually viewed Iranians and even went as far as to hide her nationality. Eventually she began to adapt to the western culture and was influenced by the people around her. Marjane always felt like she was betraying her parent’s teachings when she committed the acts of the western culture; she was in a “state of exile”. According to Hamid Naficy, being in a “state of exile” means you are neither in one place or the other but rather in-between. This means that Marjane was always trying to balance her traditionalist ideas that she learned in Iran and her need to fit in with her friends in

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