Perks Of Being A Wallflower Essay

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Michelle, George Mr. East MWF 5 The personalities of Charlie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower not only have different varieties of characters but each character has a very different personality type. The Perks Of being A Wallflower is a very interesting book, that follows the life of a young boy as he take his journey through high school and it was written by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie the main character of the book is a young boy who is struggling with school, friends, relationship, family and personal life. The Myers-Briggs personality indicator is an assessment questionnaire used to identify an individual’s strengths, weakness and personality preferences.Charlie Myers-Briggs personality types test results are; Introversion, Sensing, Feeling…show more content…
Introvert focus their attention and get their energy from the “inner world” while extrovert focus their attention and get their energy from the “outer world” (Francis 259). Introverts are distinguished by their interest in the internal environment, a preference for listening and reflecting. “High scorers on the introversion scale personality tends to be: quite, detached, and calm” (259) . Charlie is classified as wallflower not only by the author but by his friends. In the book, Charlie character is revealed as socially awkward person with no social skills whatsoever. When Charlie described being at a high school football game, he stated, “I was kind of watching people, seeing who was in love and who was just hanging around” (Chbosky 19). Introverts love to reflect not only on themselves but also on others. Charlie loves to read books a lot even though he had friends he also prefer reading alone in his room. Introverts love to spent time on their own and they enjoy the comfort of their own privacy. Others may argue that Charlie is an extrovert because He had friends, goes to parties and loves to be around his friends. Although all of this is true, that is a common misconception about introvert and extrovert. Introverts do go to parties and like to be with friends, but they also love having their own personally space and they enjoy being by themselves. That is why I know that Charlie is an
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