The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Theme Essay

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“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” written by the talented Stephen Chbosky takes his readers on a journey through a teenage boys mind. The novel is narrated by a teenage boy who goes by the name ‘Charlie’ even though that isn’t his actual name. It is set in the early 1990’s during Charlie’s freshman year of high school. Charlie is, in a word, special. In letters to his "Friend," Charlie records his life as a high school freshman, transforming the dull into the miraculous with heart breaking honesty and quirky charm. As the story begins Chbosky reveals that Charlie is an eccentric thinker but starts the school year friendless and alone due to his best friend committing suicide the year before and the graduation of his older brother. Charlie is determined to make a fresh start and escape the sadness that has threatened to consume him ever since the death of his cherished Aunt Helen. Luckily, he meets Patrick and Sam, a dynamic duo that lead him into a swirling, electric world of new experiences, a magical mayhem bursting with possibilities, happiness…show more content…
Charlie is constantly watching all the people around him, it gives him a sense of normality in his solitary life, as though he is taking part in peoples routines which in reality isn’t the case due to his shyness and lack of friends. Charlie spends so much time observing because he seeks understanding as he is still unsure about where he fits in the high school social ladder. Soon enough he makes friends and with his friends help, he becomes more comfortable participating in group events throughout his school and slowly becomes not so afraid of participating anymore. He begins by attending football games, the Homecoming Dance, and parties. As Charlie participates more, his position as a ‘wallflower’ is confirmed. As Charlie partakes more in each activity he is offered, he is also able concede with the grim aspects of his

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