Fibromyalgia Informative Speech

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Today were going to talk about a non-communicable disease called, Fibromyalgia which is a disease that causes chronic widespread pain. A lot of people probably either never heard of it or heard of it but don’t really know what it’s all about. Or maybe a family member, friend, or a coworker has it and you know all about it, and by reading this it will give more information about fibromyalgia. First off I chose this particular disease because, it’s not talked about often and many people never heard of it before even though a lot of people suffer from it every day. Here you can get informed on the symptoms, treatments, and even ways to prevent being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The definition of fibromyalgia is “chronic widespread pain” but it is much more than that and it comes with a lot of symptoms for example. Chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms, and tightness of the muscles. Moderate or severe fatigue and decreased energy, difficulty remembering, concentrating, or performing tasks. Trouble sleeping, migraines, feeling anxious or depressed, and the feeling of swelling of hands and feet. And this is just to name a few, there are a lot of symptoms that come…show more content…
Or there are antidepressants to help with the feelings of being depressed and anxious. If you don’t like to be on medication you can go another route, there are natural remedies you can do to help with the muscle pain. You can also go to physical therapy, in order to stretch out your muscles so they won’t feel so tight. There are also treatments you can do yourself for example, start going to an aerobics class to help with the pain. Also cut down on the stress in your life and just relax after coming home from work, pick up a magazine or a good book put your feet up and relax. There is no “pill” to cure fibromyalgia but, taking part in these treatments can ease the pain a

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