Perks Of Being A Wallflower Essay

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The true story of every person is not the story seen on the outside, but the journey of his or her heart. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is an epistolary novel which allows the reader to look deeper into heart and mind of the protagonist Charlie. Through a series of journal entries narrated by Charlie himself comes the story of his first year of high school, dealing with the suicide of his best friend Michael and the lingering feeling of guilt over the death of his favourite aunt. Consumed by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, prone to depression and social anxiety; by the help of his English teacher and two friends Sam and Patrick, Charlie the wallflower comes to terms with life and learns to participate. Northop Frye…show more content…
And thus Charlie’s story begins with feelings of uncertainty and a clouded perception of who he really is. On the first day of high school Charlie meets his English teacher Bill who instantly realizes how special he is and becomes his friend and mentor. Over the course of the year, Bill discreetly gives Charlie various books in hopes that they will positivity influence his life. This demonstrates how literature reflects life and that every story told has an underling meaning which is depicted through the hero’s journey. The loosing and regaining of identity is what Bill hopes Charlie can get a grasp on and learn to apply it to his own life. Charlie becomes best friends with two seniors Sam and Patrick who introduce him to many experiences associated with the coming of age and self-discovery. At Charlie’s first party Patrick makes a toast and says, “He’s a wallflower, you see things, keep quiet about them and you understand” (Chbosky, 37). Here Charlie is officially labelled as a wallflower; Patrick sheds light onto the fact that Charlie’s life is consumed by secrecy whether that is a perk or being a wallflower or the complete opposite. As Christmas approaches Charlie cannot take his mind of yet another death of a loved one,
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