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Perks of Being a Wallflower deals with many different tragedies that vary from small to large. For example, Aunt Helen’s death was traumatic to Charlie, whereas his sister’s abortion does not affect him as personally. Also, the realization of his molestation leads Charlie to a trip to the hospital. Charlie’s tragedies and how deals with them shows how realistic they are to someone who is struggling with mental issues. Charlie describes Aunt Helen as his, “favorite person in the whole world” (Chbosky 5). His very close relationship with his aunt tragically ended with her death. He writes, “On December 24, 1983, a policemen came to the door. My aunt Helen was in a terrible car accident” (Chbosky 90). Her death still deeply affects Charlie, his aunt was his favorite person, and the memory of her is everlasting. He continuously suffers with the guilt of her death falling on his birthday. After Aunt Helens death, Charlie remembers, “going to the hospital. . . I remember a doctor asking me questions. I remember telling him how Aunt Helen was the only one who hugged me. I remember seeing my family on Christmas day in the waiting room. I…show more content…
Charlie writes, “That’s when she told me she was pregnant . . . Since she was eighteen, she didn’t need Mom or Dad’s permission. All she needed was someone to be with her next Saturday at the clinic. And that person was me. ‘It’s lucky I got my license now.’ I said that to make her laugh. But she didn’t” (Chbosky 116-117). After finding out about his sister’s pregnancy and her choice of having an abortion, Charlie cracks a joke. For a sixteen year old boy who does not recognize the sadness behind her choice it is a typical response, the adolescence boy not taking it seriously. Abortion is a tragedy to many people, and Charlie’s response shows him as an unaware teen, it is a very realistic reaction. A freshman is not going to realize what an abortion actually

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