Analysis Of Kant's Perpetual Peace

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Overall, the realist’s assessment of the world is a nation-state versus another nation-state. Inter-state squabble does exists but will disappear when threaten by an outside state, hence global peace is unachievable unless there is a hegemonic consolidation of power. This is shown through the Melian Dialogue, Thucydides allows us to examine different ethical actions between these nation-states. The dialogue supports Weber’s and Thucydides’ beliefs through the actions of the Athenians who are searching for more power while the Melians are trying to survive. Also, with the Athenians using the size and power of their forces, Thucydides’ belief that power rather than the laws of nature are vital for deciding the leaders in society is reiterated.…show more content…
These actions do not need to simultaneously happen or even hastily, as achieving the notion for Perpetual Peace is a deliberate and slow process. Kant’s later also provide the platforms to build a peaceful, global alliance of states: republican civil constitution, a federation of free states, and a universal law of hospitality. The universal law of hospitality is defined as the right of a stranger not to be treated with hostility when they travel to a different nation; stating that all men have the right to show themselves in the presence of another society due to their communal right to the possession of the earth’s surface. Using these ideals, Kant hoped unify all nations thus creating an environment that cease to have…show more content…
Modern society is power driven and constantly at war with no end in sight. Examples of that are World War I and II were fought by two large power holding alliances battling until one side collapse. Like Thucydides mention, during war times, human ethics and morality disappear and replace with the desire to gain power at any cost necessary. Unethical biological warfare was not abolished only until after World War I at the Vienna Treaty and even till this day, those accords are constantly broken. Cosmopolitan theory is not completely unvaluable, just not as applicable in the international level, but rather at the lower commonwealth level. This theory is persistent with the development of the individual states that make up the United States of America; although separate states, they form a nation to repel outside

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