The Just War Theory

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Is there a justification for war? Can wars be morally accepted? From the beginning of history, war was an influential factor in shaping the present and future, and sometimes the past, and the moral aspect of a war took a large space of philosophers thought. The early show of the just war theory was with Plato, however, the first solid establishment of the theory was by Augustine in the 4th century, followed by another arise of the theory in the Islamic doctrine but from different prospective, then the recent interest in the theory was due to Michael Walzer’s contribution expressed in his book “Just and Unjust Wars” that analyzes the time of the Vietnam war, these were the contributions of the traditionalists for the theory and the international…show more content…
I’ll explain some of the refutations against the whole theory, either expressed in the whole theory or more aspect of it, and I’ll state the counter arguments for the refutations in both cases. From the arguments against the just war theory, the just war theory is trying to make the violence accepted, instead of trying to constraint the war, the theory is dealing with it as a reality. And the answer to this argument is that the just war theory is dealing with the situation of potential war, that started already or about to start, even more it has some aspects to try to prevent the war before starting, like the aspect of necessity as example. Another argument against the whole theory is that if the war is just, therefore no restrictions should be put on it, for two main reasons, first, the fastest and the cheapest the war finishes, the less the casualties from both sides, second, most of the wars are governed with military necessities that will lead to camouflage of the army to win the war at the end, which will conflict with the concept of just in this war. The answer to this argument is somehow weak, as it refutes the first concept only, as the fastest the war ends will lead to several mass casualties to end the war quickly, which is against the aspect of proportionality, however, the second point is more…show more content…
From my point of view, our power should be directed towards preventing the wars rather that dealing with them as a reality, because as we saw, even supposedly the just war is unjust, as Howard Zinn said, “The term 'just war' is an internal contradiction. War is inherently unjust, and the great challenge of our time is how to deal with evil, tyranny and oppression without killing huge numbers of

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