Summary Of Jus Ad Bellum Principles Of Just War

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8333 Dr. Smith Philosophy 310 27 October 2014 Word Count: 2556 Jus Ad Bellum Principles and Just War Just war and unjust war have been to focal point for argument between philosophers and military leaders alike for many years. Whether or not war is just remains at the forefront of both military and political leaders’ minds, and as war changes, the ever-evolving definition of just ant unjust war looms overhead. Citing World War II, for both the United States and Nazi Germany, the principles of jus ad bellum, as explained by Brian Orend, will be dissected, proving that these principles are necessary for war to be considered just. Furthermore, is it possible to apply these jus ad bellum principles to an unconventional war, such as the United States’ interactions with the Middle East since the 2001 terrorist attacks? Without a clear cut war to base these principles off, it is not possible to apply the jus ad bellum principles to unconventional warfare interactions.…show more content…
To further prevent unjust war from occurring, Orend elaborates on the principles of jus ad bellum, or the justifications for a political entity, such as a sovereign nation, to participate in war. Understanding what is just and unjust war, the military members engaging in the war, as well as the leaders commanding these actions, should know and understand whether or not they are violating jus ad bellum principles. This is a moral question because it looks into the reasons for war and the carnage associated with it, as well as the actual actions occurring prior to

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