Paper Boat Case Study

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• Paper Boat – Imli Ka Amlana (250 ml) There are lots of health drinks on the market; all of them claim that they are the best. That’s why it can be difficult to differentiate the best heath drinks. Imli Ka Amlana is quite a popular name today which is refreshing health drink, the concept are coming from the hills of Marwar. Amlana is actually a witness of the victories and celebrations of this place. But nowadays it is used as a health drink. This health drinks are made with Termind, Cinnamon powder, sweet, sour, some of the spice like black salt, iodized salt, ajwain powder, black pepper, ginger and saunf powder. We all know that Tamarind is number one source of tartaric acid and this acid has also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Apart from this Tamarind also do 2 other job, as it is an antioxidant and also help to perform the digestive system properly. At the same time cinnamon is great for your bones. Imli Ka Amlana is a memory booster and memory enhancer. You can carry Paper Boat Imli Ka Amlana everywhere due to its paper boat pack. So that, we can call it an energy beverage. • Nivea Men All in One Face Wash 100 g If you want to get a product by which you can make your skin smooth, bright along with deep clean, then Nivea Men All in…show more content…
Healthy fats are perfect ingredient with keep any type of animal energized and fast. Apart from this, Pedigree is enriched with protein, vitamin E anti oxidant. These all ingredient help to perform their immune system properly and also make them faster. This dog care nourishment also packed with vitamins, omega 6, zinc, these all are making the adult dog looking like best-in-show winners. It has some amount of Chicken, Vegetables and other which can attract the pet more. Additionally, some special blend of fiber assists to healthy digestion. So that, Pedigree is very much popular today as a Pet
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