Smoking Behavior Among Teenagers Essay

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siblings. The beginning of smoking behavior in children and adults commonly starts if they see their parents, siblings or relative smoke publicly, wondering how it tastes and what it feel like. Also, it fosters a sense of acceptability among the young adults, as they have seen their family members smoke for a long time, therefore, they do not find any harm in them doing it as well, making them wonder ‘If my father can do it, why can’t I?’ or ‘Had it been bad, my family wouldn’t be doing it’. Another way in which smokers in family influence one’s smoking behavior is by making cigarettes accessible. Smokers have reported that seeing cigarettes in home, they could not stop themselves from trying at least ones. Cousins and other family members one has friendly relationships with usually offer younger cousins and siblings to smoke with them, giving a start to their…show more content…
Parents who smoke themselves are likely to raise smoking children as well, especially if they have been smoking at home. Children who grow up watching their parents, siblings or close family members smoking are likely to steal their cigarettes and try to consume the taste and feel of smoking. Nicotine being a highly addictive substance does then not allow the children and young adults to run away from it. Smoking parents are not at a position to stop their children from smoking since they themselves are involved in the chronic behavior. On the other hand, parents and family members who adopt a rigid and strict opinion about smoking and teach their children about the atrocities of smoking and nicotine are likely to be successful in keeping their children away from smoking. Studies have proved that chances of growing adults to indulge in smoking behavior are higher in case their parents, sibling or tight family members while vice versa if there are no cases of smoking in the close family relations (Karl G. Hill,

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