Albert Einstein's First Atomic Bomb

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Did you know Albert Einstein helped create the first Atomic Bomb, and created the famous equation E=mc2? Albert Einstein also many accomplishments that changed his life and have changed science forever. The papers and theories of Albert are being used today in science, and are still amazing people around the world with his brilliant theories of space and time. Besides from his miraculous papers, he has contributed to the Jewish people after world war two with assisting the Jewish in Germany and Israel against anti-Semitism. Albert also helped with civil rights for African Americans in America with assistance from Franklin Roosevelt and W. E. B. Du Bois. In his later years, he helped with world peace and fighting against the Nuclear Bomb.…show more content…
The life of Albert Einstein was very fascinating. During his university life, he failed his final exam and had to retake a year in the university. In 1919, after the divorce of his first wife, Mileva, Albert married his first cousin, Elsa. During the war, Albert sent a paper to president Franklin Roosevelt, to assist in the Manhattan Project, a secret plan to develop a nuclear weapon. Albert's Paper was successfully developed the bomb, and "laid the ground work for a new kind of physics and led to this discovery of nuclear energy" (Sullivan, Anne Marie, and Giuliano Ferri., 1) Albert soon regretted his decision, seeing the destruction it caused on Japan, since he was blamed for the…show more content…
Albert contributed to science with his papers and theories on physics, and space, which are still used today. Overall, he helped make the world and science better, making him a superhero. Albert Einstein is one of the Greatest scientists in the world, based on his actions to science and to people in need around the world. Albert is a superhero to the world because of his help after World War Two. In America, Albert helped with racial discrimination against African Americans. Einstein stopped violent crimes against African Americans like lynchings and riots. In Europe, Albert helped the Jewish with migrating to the United States and to recover Jewish citites. Albert also helped Japan with the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Albert contributed to science, too. Albert's papers on physics, light, and space, revolutionized science. His papers are still being used in science today, helping with the gravity in space, and the speed of light. The Theory of Relativity and The Photoelectrical Effect are his most famous, containing important information about gravity and eleticity. Albert's papers are some of the most famous papers of all time. Albert helped both science and the discrimination, but his mian goal in life is World Peace. Albert worked around the world, espically in Japan and Europe. After the bombing in Japan, Albert was blamed, since he was involved in the

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