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Part 1- Practical growth leaders always assesses competitive strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Additionally, there is a need of bird eye for industry interruption to become a leader ( Jim Welch, Bill Althaus, 2007). One of the pioneer of restaurant industry is Panera Bread. Factors contributing to its unique position in the restaurant industry are : 1. Great observing power - Panera Bread brought about an industry disturbance in the casual and easy going restaurant industry. They observed that customer had new choices, that they require control, good, quick services and friendly environment ( Jim Welch, Bill Althans, 2007) 2. Bridging a gap between customers and restaurant industry by introducing fast and casual dining concept-…show more content…
Introduction of new menu - Panera Bread's recognizable menu, highly designed café allowed them to meet with the day to day requirement of industry. They introduced the concept of 'chill out' time between 2pm to 5pm. Instead of emphasized on two old fashioned meal concept Panera Bread attracted the customers with in a new time ( Miller K, 2004). They constantly revised the menu to cover the regular needs of customers ( Wang, John, 2013 : 138) 4. Becoming Bread Expert- Panera Bread twisted off as a separate company. Since firm wanted to separate itself from others in soup and sandwich industry. Their offering have grown to include not a variety of soups, sandwiches but also salads, souffles etc. They introduced their own brand 'bread' 'Panera Bread'. Panera take introducing pride in taking note that its bread is handmade and baked fresh daily (John R. Schermerhorn, 2011) 5. Understanding customer behavior and trends- Panera Bread realized that their success depends on providing healthy customer service, understanding customer's behavior and trends so that they can merchandise and administrate the daily needs of customer, services that consumers will want, like, use and recommend to others (Wayne D Hoyer, Deborah, J. Machmis, RK…show more content…
By introducing the concept of fast casual service- By introducing the concept of fast casual Panera Bread became a leader in restaurant industry. Jackie Schultz, Panera Bread supervisor says, with 2012 sales, Panera earn more than $1 billion and profits $ 167 million from its 1600 store chain and Panera Bread continues to attain its top position in the fast & casual dining industry. ( Donald Mosley, Jr. Paul Pietri, 2011) 2. Locations and Franchise establishments- By getting unique position in restaurant industry Panera Bread began a high level based franchising program in 1996. Panera Bread covered almost all the main geographical locations by franchise and their own owned restaurants to feed customers needs and earned billions of dollar profit. ( Ashwinpaul C.Sondhi, Scott Taub,2008) 3. By addressing customer needs and satisfying services- The company has proven itself a leader in providing excellent customer service and customer satisfaction by building the trust and loyalty with this such services ( Gustavo, 2010) ( Thompson, Peteraf Gamble , Strickland,2010) . Customer value explains the perceived value stemming from a perception of performance rather than the services provided by a dealer ( Woodruff, 1997; 141) . Higher is the perception of goods or services, the higher the perception of value ( Oh, 2000 ;

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