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Synopsis: Headquartered just outside Saint Louis, Missouri the original St. Louis Bread company a quick-service restaurant and bakery has grown into Panera Bread Company with over 1,500 locations in North America. Originally founded by Ken Rosenthal the company was acquired by Au Bon Pain Co. in 1993 and renamed Panera Bread Company in 1999. A king in the quick-service sector, Panera owns and operates many locations with franchises across the United States and Canada. In 2005, Panera ranked 37th on Business Week’s list of "Hot Growth Companies" and earned over $38M which represented an almost 43% rise in profits. Two years later in 2007, Panera Bread Company acquired the controlling stake in Paradise Bakery and Café, gaining 70+ locations…show more content…
Fast food giants like McDonalds and Burger King have begun to offer healthier and premium menu selections as well as conform to a recent healthcare bill requiring companies to publicize the calorie count of its food items. Casual dining restaurants have also begun to react to this change in consumer demand by offering smaller, cheaper menu items as well as healthier alternatives. The focus on gluten-free products could potentially cut into Panera’s healthy profits should it continue. Because other restaurants are beginning to offer similar products Panera is now faced with the competition it once avoided. The added media coverage about the health dangers of fast food and high calorie counts often associated with eating out has not helped the public’s perception but because Panera has created a niche for itself and included high-quality, lower calorie foods into its menu and been an early adapter when faced with new regulations it has been able to deal with the special challenges that can often face dine-in and quick-service

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