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Yahya Bello Cmat 2030 Comparison Speech I. Introduction A. There are wide varieties types, shapes, sizes, and textures of breads, some of these breads includes marble rye, French bread, garlic bread, wheat bread, and white bread. B. Among all these types of breads, the two common ones are the wheat bread and white bread. These two breads have been selling really well over the decades. 1. Breads in general are prepared with flour and water, and is usually made by baking. Throughout recorded history, bread has been one of the popular food in the universe and was also known as humanity’s oldest food. Bread has been of importance since the beginning of agriculture (Breads, n.d). 2. Many individuals, including myself, have his/her own choice when it comes to choosing bread, but how many of us consider some component parts of bread before purchasing it. C.…show more content…
Although, wheat bread and white bread are of the same types of bread, but wheat bread tends to be a better choice based on the following features (a) ingredients, (b) nutrition, (c) texture and (d) price. II. Body A. Ingredients Both wheat bread and white bread flour are made from wheat berries, which have three nutrients rich parts, they include; the bran (the outermost layer), the germ (the innermost area), and the endosperm (the starchy part) (Barley, 2014). 1. Wheat bread is processed with the inclusion of all these three nutrients rich part mentioned above. 2. White bread is processed with only one out of the three nutrients rich part which is the endosperm (the starchy part). I will proceed to the next features which is nutrition now that I have explained one out of the four that analyze the comparison between wheat bread and white bread. B. Nutrition 1. Wheat bread is higher in victim B6 and E, fiber, folic acid, and chromium, but has less calories and sodium (Barley, 2014). 2. White bread has a high calorie and sodium, but does not have victim B6 and E, folic acid and chromium (Barley,
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