Internship Report: Internship Report In An Food Manufacturing Industry

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INTERNSHIP REPORT INTERNSHIP PERIOD- 09/05/2014 - 27/05/2014 INDUSTRY & DEPARTMENT OF INTERNSHIP- BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LTD. ( QUALITY AND MANUFACTURING DEPARTMENT) submitted by; Deepali Rai A&FB 2ndyr. 3rd sem A1425913040 INTRODUCTION This is a summer project internship of 3 weeks which i have done in an food manufacturing industry ( Britannia industries ltd ) . I have done my internship from…show more content…
16/05/2014 (Friday) MONDAY (12/05/2014) SIEVING SECTION OF WHEAT FLOUR. We have done the sieving of wheat flour which is used there for prepration of cookies. Parameters which we have checked there in sieving section were as follows: 1. Mesh size 2. Mesh condition 3. Hygiene maintained MESH SIZE: Mesh size refers to the size of perforations which are used in the sieve during sieving of wheat flour. the size which was used for the current online biscuits was 30mm and no other sieved flour was kept ie. whatever amount of flour was required for prepration of online running biscuits was prepared freshly . no old sieved flour was kept over there. MESH CONDITION: Mesh condition was good . there were no holes in the mesh which was present in the machine there and also no dust was present in the machine. HYGIENE MAINTAINED : The sieving department of processing was hygienic and properly maintained the flour falled on the floor was properly removed with the help of vaccum cleaner and with a very high force of air. machine is cleaned once in a week or after certain amount of sieved flour whichever is earlier. TUESDAY (13/05/2014) PREMIXING SECTION OF PROCESSING

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