King Henry Viii's Impact On The King Of England

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Many changes have been made over time to England’s government and royal families. However, during the reign of King Henry VIII, the most changes were made compared to any other time period. King Henry took the English throne in 1509 as an intelligent, forceful, and highly charismatic person; however, he was selfish, egotistical and cruel since he wanted to control everything in sight. King Henry VIII had the most powerful reign as king of England as he created many laws, such as the Act of Supremacy, the Act of Treason, and the Act of Succession, which changed the way the English royalty system works, all so he could have a son, and positively change the country in his favor. King Henry VIII is notorious for marrying six times and beheading…show more content…
Jane Seymour, the king’s second wife, was able to have a son, but he died at the age of sixteen. That left Catherine and King Henry’s daughter, Mary, to reign as the queen of England. His global effects changed the new normal in Europe because his daughter was one of the first females to become queen by blood. By changing the religion of his powerful country, King Henry created a chain of events that would affect England forever. Alliances with France and Spain were cut off once he split from the Catholic Church. Also, he created enemies with the rest of Europe because most of the countries were Catholic. Whether he wanted it to happen or not, when King Henry created the Anglican Church of England, and when his daughter became queen, he changed Europe socially and…show more content…
One of the most influential rules he created during his reign is the Act of Succession. This law was passed by Parliament in the March of 1534. It made the children of King Henry and Anne the future heirs to the English throne. It declared that his daughter, Mary, was illegitimate and not able to become queen because she was born out of wedlock. The Act of Succession also required the English people to be loyal to the new queen’s children and to Henry’s role as the head of the English throne. This changed England positively because it silenced the chaos that could have occurred. Without the Act of Succession, English citizens and King Henry’s children would have fought forever on who would become queen or king. Because of the Act of Succession, England had a clear future of what would happen once King Henry VIII would die. In addition to the Act of Succession, King Henry VIII and Parliament also created the Act of Supremacy. Parliament passed this act in November of 1534. This made England’s split from Rome official and declared Henry as England's supreme spiritual leader. Even if people disagreed with King Henry’s beliefs, they had no right to dispute him since he was in charge of the church and state. This act changed England because it made King Henry the most powerful man in England since all ties were cut with the Catholic Church and the

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