Painting Is Better Than Painting Essay

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Why Drawing and Painting are better than listening to Music Taz Ramsay Lamar Community College Abstract: This paper will explain why listening to music can be bad for people. This paper will also explain why drawing is good for people. It will explain how painting is beneficial and why painting can be better than drawing. Drawing is something that most people do in their spare time. People mostly tend to draw when they are bored and have nothing else to do, but some people draw just for fun even if the person might have something more important to do. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso, (Twisted Sifter , 2012). This quote by Pablo Picasso is very true, because most people…show more content…
When people with Alzheimer’s disease are given the opportunity to draw or paint, it can help boost their recalling skills. (Seepter, 2015 ) As well as improving creativity and memory, drawing and painting also increases communication skills. It may not increase communication skills as much as reading does, but it increases it quite a bit. The reason it improves communication skills is because it helps express people’s thoughts and feelings. “In using art to break free from personal limitations, individuals can surpass their weaknesses. These can include shyness, autism, and other disabilities”, (Seepter, 2015 ). Music however does not have the same benefits. Although music is good in some various ways, in general it is not good for people. The main reason why music is not good for people is because music can cause damage to people’s ability to hear. The reason is causes damage is because people blast music while they have headphones on. Another reason why listening to music is bad for people is because, it can cause different emotions in people. For example, sad music can cause an increase in anxiety and neuroses. (Floorwalker,

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