Analyzing Aaron Douglas 'Building Stately Mansions'

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Analyzing Building More Stately Mansions In John Berger essay, “Ways of Seeing”, Berger expresses his belief that art is not just for one social class. John Berger believes that art is to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter if they are rich, poor, or in the middle. Another one of John Berger beliefs is “The way we see things is affected by what we know and what we believe” (141). Berger believe that everyone looks at artwork differently, everyone relates to differently because of the different experiences they have had in life. For example the artwork I chose to analyze is called “Building More Stately Mansions” by Aaron Douglas, and I can relate more to this artwork than a Caucasian person could, simply because I am African American. This painting Building More Stately Mansions by Aaron Douglas can be analyzed and interpreted using Berger’s ideas. In Aaron Douglas “Building More Stately Mansions” the artwork is in the color purple and is transitioning into a light burgundy color. The color purple is known to tie back into the ancient world meaning royalty, I believed this could be a reason he use many shades of purple. The artwork uses a unique selection of colors and have been…show more content…
His artwork shows more than the normal African Americans being treated badly, it actually showed how important African American role played into making America what it is today. Building More Stately Mansions shows the hard work that black slaves put in, showing how it all started by first building pyramids for the Pharaohs and queen, then later on progressing to building churches and large towers that many causicion work in today and gives little or no credit to African American for constructing what is now America hundreds years later. I believe that if I could have found an expert analysis our analysis would be somewhat the same. Unfortunately I could not find

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