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Meat is animal flesh and is eaten as food. Humans are omnivores, and hunted and killed the animals for meat from prehistory. The advent of civilization has led to the domestication of animals such as chickens, sheep, pigs and cattle, and finally, its use in meat production on an industrial scale. The meat is mainly composed of water, protein and fat, and usually consumed with other foods. It is rough edible, but usually consumed after being cooked and seasoned or processed in a variety of ways. Raw meat offal rots within hours or days due to infection and decomposition by bacteria and fungi. The meat is sometimes used in a more restrictive way mammalian meat breeds (pigs, cows, sheep, etc.) up and prepared for human consumption, with the exception…show more content…
There are number of reasons for which packaging is necessary few of them are. Packaging is done to make meat purify from dirt which is caused by contacting with surface and hands. Packaging is necessary to make meat purify from micro-organisms such as from bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Packaging is done to make meat contaminate by chemicals or toxic substances.For packaging of processed meat products, elements such as dehydration, lipid oxidation, discoloration and loss of aroma must be taken into account. Packaging materials must have following properties. Materials must have good mechanical strength and flexible. Packaging films should be less in weights and have odourless properties. Materials should be toxicologically harmless, clean, easy recycling and good resistance to hot and cold temperature. Packaging films should have good sealing capability so that oil and fats do not come out of them. Packaging duties have good barrier properties against gases (oxygen and evaporation) and lights. Air contains about 20% oxygen. Oxygen affects packaged meat and meat products during periods of prolonged storage. Swap red meat to grey or green and cause oxidation and rancidity of fats resulting in undesirable and bad taste. For light-sensitive products or products exposed to bright light, colours or opaque films are used. Films laminated with aluminium foil are very…show more content…
This packaging technology got its namesake because the wholesale, vacuum-packed meat is delivered in batches and repackaging screen when it comes to the retail industry. The package consists of a foam tray and absorbent pad with transparent plastic film containing packed permeable atmosphere. The permeability properties of the film allow oxygen in the air to come into contact with meat; Colour changes from purple to red meat. This type of packaging is very cheap and convenient to use equipment. However, it has the shorter shelf life between 1 to 2

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