Overcoming Obstacles

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From the author’s perspective there are certain factors needed to build a strong team to overcome the obstacles the team faces. Davis, the author, thought that one of the factors necessary to build a strong team is to have a leader who can motivate the team to do their best. Another factor that the author thinks is necessary to have in the team is to have cooperation among the team members, so that everyone is doing their fair share of the job and no one is left out doing nothing. The need for a leader is shown in this text on paragraph 14 it states, “He made sure that all of his team members were in the room and focused when he contacted experts to explain tough science concepts.” This text proves that a leader is necessary to organize the group and to give them roles or jobs to fulfill in the team…show more content…
Now they had their genius.” and in this sentence, “The team has found its mechanics man.” These sentences prove that people in teams will always be given a specific role or job based on their individual strength as it was stated earlier.Another factor that the author thought is needed to build a strong team to overcome the obstacles is cooperation. To be successful you must first cooperate with your team members, because you are a team not just one person, and everyone has a role or job to fulfill in the team because you might be good and something, but bad at another thing. In paragraph 17 it states, “Luis was the tether man, responsible for the pickup and release of what would be a 100-pound robot.” The sentence tells us that Luis isn’t taking much part in the building robot process, but he still has a role to play in the team because he has to transport the robot to the competition area and release it in the water. Although this may seem like a simple job, he still has a role to play in the team, and if you think about it, transporting a 100-pound robot is not

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