Mike Tyson: Overcoming Obstacles

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Mike Tyson is an exceptional former professional boxer. He became the world’s youngest heavy weight champion at age 20. He later won both the World Boxing Association championship and the International Boxing Federation title; making him the first heavyweight to own all three major boxing belts. (Mike Tyson) Although Tyson’s early life was difficult, he was able to overcome the obstacles he faced. There were many deterministic factors and few instances of free will that occurred throughout Tyson’s childhood. Many factors in Tyson’s early life were out of his control. His mother lost her job and they were evicted from their home. They moved to Brownsville, a dangerous town in Brooklyn. He described this town as “a very horrific, tough, and gruesome kind of place.” (My Life As a Young Thug). His mother was a drunk and his brother was in a gang. His main role models growing up were very negative. Meeting Barkim was both a positive and negative determining factor in Tyson’s life. Although he was the first person to demonstrate a caring toward Tyson, he also encouraged burglary habits. Together they wiped numerous families out of televisions, stereos, jewelry and money. Barkim began introducing Tyson as his “son”, warning people not to disrespect him. He even began to buy him nice clothes with the money they got from stealing…show more content…
By watching this man, he was able to remember and mimic his motions during his first fight: “I would watch him, and he would say, “Come on, let’s go,” but I would never even slapbox with him. But I remembered his style…Wise would skip while he was shadowboxing, so after I dropped Gary, my stupid ass started skipping.” (My Life As a Young Thug) This was the first time Tyson received praise on the streets. “Everybody started whooping and applauding me. It was an incredible feeling even though my heart was beating out of my chest.” (My Life As a Young

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