Overcoming Obstacles

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The book “inside out and back again” is an entertaining/ persuasive book. The theme of the book in my perspective is “ Overcoming Obstacles”. I decided to do “Overcoming Obstacles” because Ha goes through a lot of obstacles. She is moved from different tents and also has to leave Vietnam. She is going through a lot of good and bad obstacles on her and her families journey. Ha and her family have to leave to go somewhere else they can’t stay in Vietnam. So before they go her brother pulls her out of bed early in the morning and explains to her that they must stay home just in case Father comes home. Brother Khol tells Ha “ No matter what mother decides, we are not to leave. I must protect my chicks and you your papayas.” So Ha is kind of…show more content…
Then they are sent to tent city after tent city. “ We are flown to another tent city in humid, hot Florida. I think Ha feels like no one wants them in their tent city so they have to keep on having them go to another tent city. She probably feels like her and her family and the other people on the boat aren’t worth it. “ Mother pulls me close and pats my head. Father watches over us even if he’s not here.” Ha’s mother is concerned that Ha doesn’t feel safe. Mother explains to Ha that even if father isn’t there to make her feel safe he is watching over her every step she takes and every move she makes. Mother makes Ha feel better and feel safer than she was before. Ha is still worried that her and her family aren’t safe on that ship. How I have connect to the book “inside out and back again” is that I have overcame so many different obstacles in my life. Such as my dad passing it might of took me 2 years to actually overcome that he was actually gone. Also I have had so many life decisions such as where I want to go in life and etc. But I can relate to Ha a lot because she doesn’t feel safe all the time and she feels like her dad isn’t there to watch her every step. That’s exactly how I felt when I found out about my dad

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