Jamaica Kincaid Girl

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A mother-daughter’s bond is certainly incomparable to any form of love. The relations in between are shown by love and honesty, care and trust. A mother-daughter relationship cannot be described. Mothers have difficult times observing their daughter make wrong decisions; this is why some think mothers should make the decisions for daughters or control the life of their daughter. Mothers have a great amount of influence upon their daughters, whom they possibly see as a second chance at life for themselves. In the short story “Girl”, by Jamaica Kincaid, the mother gives her daughter a lecture on how a lady is supposed to conduct herself in society. Kincaid reveals the nature of gender identity structure through the mother’s advice about home-making skills, appropriate etiquette, and virtuous morals. Like most women of the time period, the author’s mother tries to instill in her the qualities of home-making skills. The mother’s commands are focused toward the…show more content…
“Always eat your food in such a way that it won’t turn someone else’s stomach” (813). Proper etiquette goes a long way if you are trying to get an individual’s attention or even trying to disgust an individual. In the rules of an elegant woman, women learn how to chew like they are hiding secret, how to not place their elbow on the table when they are eating, and to simply learn how to be thoughtful. “This is how you behave in the presence of men who don’t know you very well, and this way they won’t recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming” (814). First impressions give other people a spilt image on how that individual perceives their self. In this case Kincaid’s mother wants her daughter to mainly be on her finest behavior when Jamaica is around men or anybody who

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