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The United States has been a new home to immigrants since the late 19th century. Immigration is the act of moving to a different land and living there permanently. Many succeeded and others failed as they made their life changing move to America. The book “Out of this furnace” tells the story about the three generations of the Kracha family and their journey to America. The story begins with George Kracha, who was the first immigrant in the family to come to the United States from Hungary during the late 1800’s. George ends up living in Pennsylvania where he first works on the railroads, later he moves to work in the steel factories where he faces long hours and hard work. The story continues with Mary, George’s daughter who struggles to make ends meet once her husband Mike dies in a steel mill accident. The story ends by following Dobie, Mary’s son and his struggles he faces during The…show more content…
There can be times of suffering and struggles, which make the journey even harder. Each generation experience different hard ships throughout their life in the United States. George Kracha was the first to immigrate over to the United States from Hungary. He learns quickly that it takes a lot of hard work and determination in order to survive in the United States. Overtime he managed to make his way and opened up his own butcher shop. However success didn’t last forever after the death of his wife Elena George’s affair with Zuska took off. He loses many customers because they refuse to buy from a man who isn’t loyal to his family. His business begins to keep going down financially and finally during the summer George loses everything. Zuska was also taking all his money from him before she left him. His American dream was shortly lived and came crashing down on him. George’s only option is to start working in the mills again where he slowly starts to get back on his

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