Hubert H. Humphrey: A Forgotten American Icon

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Hubert H. Humphrey said: There are those who say to you - we are rushing this issue of civil rights. I say we are 172 years late. There are those who say - this issue of civil rights is an infringement on states rights. The time has arrived for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of state's rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights. Hubert H. Humphrey was known as a great speaker and had a way with words that others did not. He was on different levels that most people of his time. This paper will talk about the story and history of a forgotten American icon from the 1950s and 60s, and also what he did to make an impact in such a pivotal decade of America’s history. Humphrey was born on May 27, 1911, in a small town of Wallace, South Dakota near the…show more content…
Humphrey was and is an American icon because of his efforts push in the birth of the Civil Rights Act and the disarmament of nuclear weapons. Humphrey said that “All states and all regions have at least some infringements of that freedom - all people, all groups have been victims of discrimination”. Over the next 16 years, Humphrey was a leading Liberal voice in the Senate, focusing on issues of social welfare, civil rights and fair unemployment. Instead the man who had earned the nickname “The Happy Warrior” gave one of the greatest speeches in American Political history. The time has arrived in America for the Democratic party to get out of the bright sunshine of the human rights. The leadership of civil rights has to take place in the white house or it is going to take place in the streets. At his time he was one of the well liked Senators in congress. On June 1964 he was instrumental in passing the landmark Civil Rights Act. Hubert H. Humphrey quoted “When we say “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all”, we are talking about all people. We either ought to believe it or quit saying it.” Speaking of the founder of our party, Thomas Jefferson, he

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