Hydrogen Sulphide Lab Report

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ABSTRACT 1.INTRODUCTION Hydrogen sulphide is an environmentally hazardous, corrosive, and toxic gas. which forms a significant part of the flue gas fraction of various industries. It has significant health risk, causes air pollution, acid rain and also corrodes metals ,acts as catalyst poisoning, damaging equipment such as turbines and electrodes among its many nuisances. Removal of the gas is hence necessary and its concentration should meet the pipeline and sales specifications (less than 4 parts per million in volume) according to the Clean Air Act, of 1989. Various techniques are available for its removal including dry chemical and physical sorption processes along with liquid processes which encompass biological methods along with…show more content…
It also studies the various characterisation techniques involved in reporting the membrane morphology, mechanical strength and bulk properties of the membranes like membrane porosity, density, pore volume and amount of water saturation etc, On the basis of the study experimental results the effect of various parameters has been observed. Membranes have been prepared with a variation in the composition in the additive utilised which is sodium meta aluminate, cellulose is used as a binder agent in the sintering process. The sintering is carried out 1200 C inside the muffle furnace for a 14 hour hold. Bulk properties measurements can be carried out using saturated samples and then Archimedes method to measure properties. The structural morphology of the samples can be studied by carrying out Scanning electron microscopy and Electron dispersive spectroscopy.EDS can be carried out to carry out component analysis in the samples. Using different additives ,with varying compositions, pore formers and dispersing agent a marked difference in sintered samples can been observed. The effect of variation in sintering conditions, the temperature and the holding time on the sintering properties of these porous SiC membranes also can have a marked effect . The preparation of molten carbonate and its XRD analysis has also been carried out along with studying and comparing the extent of its impregnation in membrane using the method of dipping it in melt or sprinkling it on top heating it upto eutectic temperature.The assembling of the electrochemical cell components is done along with its

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