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Out of Reach is author Carrie Arcos' first novel in which she touches on important issues that people are faced with everyday in reality. Out of Reach gives a realistic look at how the dangers of substance abuse affects not only yourself but those around you. The story follows the journey of forgivness, realisation and finding a little romance along the way. The major issue in the book is substance abuse and the impact it has on the family of an addict but the novel isn't just about the addiction, it explores the path in which it can take you. Told through Rachel, the main character’s perspective, we’re given the story of growing up around her brother, Micah’s struggle with drug addiction and then her search to find him after he goes missing. Rachel had always known about his drug use but never came to terms with how serious was and never confronted him about it. All along she felt guilty about not doing enough for him, and even blamed herself…show more content…
He [uses it] to perform.” She pretends that it wasn’t getting as bad as it was but she was wrong. It was serious. “Eventually he needed it to function.” After Micah leaves home without telling anybody, an anonymous e-mail warns Rachel that Micah is in serious trouble. She is covered in guilt for not trying to help him so she sets off with Micah’s best friend Tyler to look for him. With nothing more to go on than hope and a slim lead, the email leads them to Ocean Reef, Southern Californa. Along the way, strangers told Rachel exactly what she doesn’t want to hear but soon into their search it was appartent Micah didn’t want to be found. Throughout the novel we realise as readers that the journey of finding Micah turns out also to be one of Rachels; learning to let him go, forgive him, and most of all forgive herself. At the end of their trip they both acknowledge the truth, that they can only let him come to them on his

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