Comparing Adolf Hitler 'And Mean Girls'

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Jew Can’t Sit with Us From genocidal dictators to the typical high school queen bees, in every corner of the world there will be rulers, relentlessly demanding the way of those around them. These inevitable rulers affect the people around them and have what it takes to change an entire environment and can harm the people they believe to be their inferiors. More specifically, Adolf Hitler and Mean Girls’ Regina George are perfect examples of antagonizers that play their way to the top to become superior to those around them. Hitler may not have worn pink on Wednesdays, but he and Regina George are similar in ways such as their dictatorship, popularity, and manipulativeness. Both Regina and Hitler were dictators to those around them and used their influence to control people only for their own good. Whatever they said went, and eventually no one ever thought anything of it with either one. Control was obtained by implementing fear in others, no matter what it took. Regina, no more than belittling and delusional, seeks power over the students of North Shore High School, and controls her emotions to determine the respect for herself from the other students. She sweetly compliments people’s clothes only to turn around…show more content…
Regina was always thirsty for the attention she believed she deserved, and made sure she got it. The secret behind her superiority was two things- her looks, and the insecurity of others. Everyone wanted to be accepted by Regina’s group of friends, the Plastics, due to their popularity, so it is not as if Regina is lying to herself about her own popularity, but the way Regina treats those around her is more than cruel. Hitler did not have much trouble gaining his desired fame because the German population did it for him. People were foolishly charmed by how perfect he was, the façade that people unfortunately

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