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Roberto Chicola Mr. Nelson Honors English 6th 3, November 2014 Literary Analysis of Great Exceptions by Charles Dickens Suffering, is to forgiveness as right is to wrong. Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations which was published by “All the Year Round” in 1860, lasting until 1861, because the print was shown to the public in weekly articles. Dickens is a master at playing with characterization, plot, and theme; using these elements to warp the way see the characters and how they work the story. Dickens used characterization in key characters to put a twist on the entire story. A major and very sudden change in Miss Havisham, a cold remorseful women, once bitter, turns around to beg forgiveness of the protagonist, Pip. Starting out,…show more content…
Magwitch's choice to make Pip a gentleman, Miss Havisham's idea to raise a cruel ward, Pip going off from London with Herbert; all because of pain and suffering. “Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape.” (Charles Dickens, Great Expectations Quotes). Dickens puts all of these characters through a period where they suffer and live a discouraged life leading them to make the choices they do. Miss Havisham who wants to get back at the world, or Magwitch who wants to keep Pip from suffering, striving to make him a gentleman, or even Pip, who suffers under Estella's cruel game, decides to go out and try to remake himself. We as people go through many trials in life, how people take those trials is what makes or breaks them. Dickens uses this aspect to push his characters along in the story, their reasoning for doing the things they do, and the outcome of what they did

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