A Bright New Bound Play Analysis

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Ashley Compton Saturday 8-11am 18 October 2015 A Bright New Boise-Nothing is as it seems. When a person finds out there is a play titled, A Bright New Boise, one might believe it is about the beginning of something fantastical, cheerful, and optimistic for Downtown, Boise. However, the truth of the matter is, nothing is as it seems with A Bright New Boise. This play captures almost the exact opposite of what one might think or believe would have occurred. In fact, this theater production is in many ways not fantastical, cheerful, or optimistic. The central idea of A Bright New Boise is clearly to remember that while everyone has their own initial interpretation of vague ideas, they cannot allow themselves to judge on a surface level. Nothing is as it seems, therefore, people should make sure to dig deeper and to explore the possibility that maybe they could be wrong about something from their…show more content…
As before mentioned, bright and new, are words that are deceiving within the title of the play. People who know nothing about the theater production of A Bright New Boise would be shocked to find out how opposite the play actually is from “bright” and “new.” In fact, the play is flowered with strong negativity and what some would consider immoral expressions. There is a lot of tension between all of the characters in some way. Leroy is always upset with Will, Pauline, the store manager is always cursing about and at her employees, Alex constantly stated “I’m going to kill myself” whenever he heard something he did not like from his father, and once Will expresses his thoughts about Anna’s lifestyle, she too feels uncomfortable around him. In addition, the setting of the play drifts between the backroom of a Hobby Lobby and a dark parking lot. The concepts of the play are far from being bright, further proving the central idea, nothing is as it

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