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I attended the play Our Town on September 24th at 8:00pm in Russell Miller Theatre. I did not buy my ticket because someone in my group ordered the tickets a week prior to the play. When we arrived to acquire the tickets we didn’t have any difficulty. The person working in the box office did not tell us which door would be the most beneficial to go in through so we had to take a guess. We decided to go in through the nearest door but there was a group of people crowded at the door talking and not letting us pass. The usher at the door did not notice us so we had to go in through the other door. At the other door the usher just scanned our tickets and did not tell us where our seat would be. We started to walk down the aisle to shortly…show more content…
He did a great job when it came to acting awkward around Emily and made it easy to relate to his reactions. Just watching him around Emily made me cringe because of what he would say or do. In the second act I could easily tell that he wanted to get married but at the same time he wanted to stay young and not have to worry about anything. He did a great job at portraying his road to maturity. The last act, even though he did not say much, made me feel bad for him because he showed how sad he was just by his body motions because his face was not visible. The stage manager, who was Scott Stroot the director, was the character that least stood out to me. This is because he was directly talking to the audience and he did not really have to act. Although he did a good job at executing his lines they still sounded like they were just being read. This is not the actor’s fault but rather the character’s because the character is there to give the audience information. The actor played the role well and did smooth transaction from talking with the audience to talking with the character and then back to the audience. I had mixed feeling about Simon Stimson, played by Elliott Talkington. There were times where he did great at acting like at choir practice where he acted as if he were drunk but there were also times where he didn’t do so well like when he is seen out in the street drunk. He did not seem drunk to me in that scene but rather tired and in a bad mood. If it weren’t for his tattered clothes or that I had read the script prior to the play I would not have known he was

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