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“Choose the least important day in your life. It will be important enough.” (Thornton Wilder, Our Town). “Our Town” is a play that was wrote in the 20st century and its by Thornton Wilder. “Our Town is still relevant to this day because this book has the same meanings that we are taught to this day. This play can be related to any person that reads it because it has the same events that happened when we are young and older. The story has very few props and it repeats a few songs throughout this play this makes the readers want to know the meaning of them and to read on. This story help really open someone’s eyes because it makes them look at the whole picture. This play can make even the worst person in the world think about everything that he or she had done in there life. It will speak to any person that reads this play.…show more content…
In this time period the characters had to deal with the same problems that someone face every single day of our their life. Today we have to deal with going to school, work, our family, and growing up. In the play it tells us of the three kids having to go to school,”Mama, there’s first bell.--I gotta hurry.--I don’t want any more.--I gotta hurry.”(Thornton Wilder, Our Town). To this day everyone must have to deal with some type of thing that people back in the day had to deal with. In the play it says, “ Another thing that the characters have to deal with that we still have to deal with is getting married and the whole process of it. In the text it, “George, Emily’s got to come downstairs and eat her breakfast. She sends you her love but she doesn’t want to lay eyes on you. Good-by. (Thornton Wilder, Our Town). In this moment it shows us some of the same customs that they did back then that we do to this

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