Pollution Essay: Pesticides As Water Pollutants

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1-Pesticides as Water Pollutants Water pollution may be described as the contamination of the pure water with waste matters of a particular region. Water pollution arise when pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into the pure water bodies without treatment to remove harmful compounds [1]. In many countries the rapid agricultural activities, crops disinfection, inappropriate water disposal, rapid industrialization caused the contamination of the water bodies with harmful, toxic, and low biodegradability pesticides and other organic pollutants such as heavy metals, and drugs. Therefore, it is one of the most important environmental problem through the world [2]. Humans are theoretically exposed to thousands of…show more content…
There are many physical techniques which are used to remove pesticides from the wastewater such as method of mass transfer (flocculation, filtration, precipitation and adsorption mechanism onto activated charcoal). Incineration and biological pathways are also used for the removal of pesticides from water [10]. Pesticides are chemically stable and may endure for days or several weeks in water. Pesticide fading is attributed to different operational processes such as dilution by uncontaminated water, pH dependent decomposition, photolysis and adsorption. The major classes of the synthetic chemical pesticides includes: 1). Anilide Herbicides, 2). Bipyridinium Herbicides, 3). Organophosphorous Pesticides, 4). Carbamate Insecticides, 5). Pyrazole Insecticides, 6). Amidinohydrazone, 7). Chlorophenol Pesticides, and 8). Atrazine Pesticides, 9). Organochlorine Pesticides etc. [3, 13]. The requirement for the continued increase in agricultural productivity is unavoidable during the 21st century because the world population is expected to continue increasing and the greatest problem of pesticide presence in water is increasing day by day. So, there is a direct relationship between production and consumption of agrochemical products (pesticides, herbicides)

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