Compare And Contrast Federalist And Anti Federalists

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When it comes to the powers of the national government, Federalists and Anti-Federalists have opposing views. Federalists are in favor of a strong central government, instead of state power. They believed without it, goverment would be chaotic, and that the Articles of Confederation were too weak due to the large amount of state power. This lead to them creating more federal power when it came to the Constitution.Anti-Federalists, though, favored power being centered in the states. A lot of people at the beginning, when Federalism was formed, had just come from the monarchy in England, which was a strong central government, and were fearful of that. This lead to a weariness or resentment of anything having to do with a strong power in the federal government, such as banks or even the constitution, which many Anti-Federalists refuse to vote for, unless they were sure they would get a Bill of Rights to protect them.…show more content…
The clause enacts that all things considered the "the supreme law of the land.", such as the Constitution and treaties, are the highest form of law and go above all other forms of government, including state laws and constitutions, to federal law. This clearly gives power to the national government as when conflict arises between the states and the federal government, they are seen to have leadership. Another form of the original Constitution that has led to power growth in the National government is the Commerce Clause,which is an enumerated power of the federal government that has that allows them to have control in things such as regulating highways and foreign commerce. The federal government has the ability to regulate these things, along with other state and citizen activities, and has the power to control them above any other form of government in the United

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