Men Of Rock Deep Time Essay

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In the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary “Men of Rock Deep Time” Scottish Geology Professor Iain Stewart travels around Scotland tracing the work of the great Scottish geologist James Hutton. James Hutton was the one who put forward the notion that the Earth is really old and has actually changed slowly and uniformly over time. This contradicted the biblical view of the time which made it tough for him to convince his people. The documentary starts off looking back at James Hutton’s life and describing his personality. He was born in Edinburgh and lived his young life there before being banished due to a scandal. He than at the young age of 26 moved to the Slighhouses where his family owned a farm and lived there. During this part of his life is when he developed the love of geology and the passion to learn more about the Earth. He rejected the conventional view of the planet that it has not changed and will not change. He believed that God must have created a planet that can rebuild itself and he strived to prove it.…show more content…
From this he pointed out that things change and build slowly and over long periods of time not suddenly as described in the bible. He believed that there must be a system which changes the Earth, At the age of 41 Hutton returned back to Edinburgh after his time of exile had finished and began to start debating with some of the great thinkers of Scotland. But he knew that his theory was not complete and that there must be other ways rocks are formed. He began to wonder if heat pressure could change the Earth. After gathering information he theorized that the hot core of the Earth can create molten rock which would cool to become land and the speed of cooling would affect how the rock would

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