Neely Crenshaw: The Best Football Player

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With a great past, Neely Crenshaw did not like to dwell in it. His past was filled with happiness, sorrow, and hate and his only wish, was to forget it. His mind was stuck between forgiving and holding a grudge. Few others felt the same way, one couple that felt this way was the parents of Randall Scott Reardon. After losing their son they took action against Messina’s greatest coach. Randall Scott Reardon was the one known as “The wrong kid that died”. It was not his social status of being a Spartan that opened eyes but his parents. To everyone Scotty was just another player that would be forgotten in a few years if not sooner. All it took to be remembered was to give his last breath at the hands of Messina’s greatest coach and not for his effort but being the reason Eddie Rake lost his job. After abusing players for years, Coach Rake’s time finally came to an end.…show more content…
After Scotty’s incident every player was glad it was not them and surprised it did not happen sooner. Most players thought “Lucky he didn’t kill all of us.” Though many were abused by Rake through practices, Neely was one of the few physically abused by Eddie Rake. What was Neely’s popularity like when he got punched by Rake? Well, looking back at it Neely was almost at a higher level than Rake because even his teammates were with him after the incident. This possibly showed Rake that his level of God was not all there anymore. Rake could not apologize to him because then he would have to show that he knew that he did something

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