The Negative Effects Of Internet Piracy

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As the years progress, there has been a great development with the internet. Therefore, it is no longer a safe place when it falls into the wrong hands, for anyone can go online and immediately find what they are searching for and claim it as their own. Moreover, the internet is extremely dangerous, and if not used wisely, it can go to the extreme of harming an individual's life. With that in mind, one of the main problems that the internet can produce is pirated work, the usage of the internet to illegally copy and/or distribute copyrighted works. Lost in the exchange of web oversight, hostile to theft measures, and the governmental issues of the web is a basic inquiry: does robbery really cause financial harm? Piracy, does in fact, have a negative effect in many ways including factors like everyday jobs and may hurt countless companies and businesses. Everywhere around the world, people are enjoying millions of pirated things like music, apps, and movies. Many companies have lost business due to illegal…show more content…
Instead of having to buy an original movie for a “high” cost, there is a large amount of people that buy copies to avoid spending money. In addition, there are softwares available that allow people to download music illicitly; therefore, many prefer that option than being charged per song. Many have access to television shows that are not aired in their countries by utilizing internet piracy for their personal interests. The causes of these illegal activities may include wanting products that are not obtainable where you live or not being able to afford the original version of a product. In a world without piracy, many wouldn’t have easy access to merchandise without having to pay. Financially, it is convenient to use piracy as people would prefer despite the risks or dangers of being caught and confronting the consequences for violating

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