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Now you may think a birthday for nine year old is just caked and presents and parties and smiles. Not for me, My ninth birthday was the day I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This realization opened my eyes that I can do things that a lot of people cannot. I can handle seeing things that may cause people to be sick; I can handle and I'm interested in extreme trauma and wounds and that I want to make people feel better for the rest of my life. Blood is exhilarating to me, it makes something click, in my brain, and I grasped this as a little 9 year old on her birthday. Now you may ask why did you realize this on your birthday? Did you get hurt? Trip to the emergency room? Car Crash? No, I made a trip to the infectious disease…show more content…
The deal was that I could take off school for my birthday if and only if I went with my dad to the doctor. My dad about a month earlier found out he has a flesh eating bacteria in his leg after getting scratched by a piece of weed. He discovered this more than a week after the scratch and the disease went so deep, almost reaching the bone and losing his leg. This lead to a surgery and a massive size wound on his leg. The only way I could simply describe this is stack three iPhones 5s on top of one another you got the size of it and the depth of it. Now this wound has to be taken care of right? That was more torturous to my father than the surgery its self. A Daily redressing and scraping has to be done to make sure no infected tissue was left. And that is why I had to go tot he doctor on my birthday with my dad. In the hospital, I saw the doctor scrape and clean the wound but I did not look at his technique I studied the blood and the tissues I could see. Then I noticed my dad, his face as red as a tomato cringing in pain. That pain is why I was there; I was there to comfort my dad and that is why I got to skip school that day. I felt as if the comforting part was as important to feel better as the cleaning of the

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