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"Made in China" is what a familiar phrase that we can see on the backs of half of goods in the U.S. market. The goods that are made in China have been flooding the U.S. market since China joined in WTO. While most of the American people are enjoying benefits of cheap Chinese goods, some of the American manufacturers are complaining about that cheap Chinese goods have been greatly challenging them and taking up their market. Some of the economists were also blaming the significantly increased trade deficit on the increased cheap Chinese imports; however, some of the economists were arguing back that China now is now third largest U.S. trading partner. China is one of the biggest markets in the world; after the entry of WTO, U.S. exporters will enjoy more and more benefits from the larger and larger Chinese market. The U.S.-China trade issue has been controversial since it started because of the differences between the two countries in cultural and societies. There are both drawbacks and benefits for United States in trading with China, but…show more content…
It is estimated that Chinese flooded knock off products cost U.S. copyright firms $2.6 billion in lost sales in 2003 compared with the losses of $1.9 billion in 2002(13). The piracy problem is a really big obstacle for U.S. exports because most of the Chinese people buy illegal knock off instead of legal goods, which greatly prevents the sales of legal goods from increasing. According to Morrison, American government has taken action in pressing China to improve its IPR regime, and Chinese government has been doing a good job in improving the situation since it joined in the WTO; however, lots of works still need to be done by Chinese government to improve the whole Chinese IPR protection regime (13). If Chinese government can keep putting effort in improving the IPR situation, U.S. will benefit by increasing the sales of

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