Bilbo As A Stereotypical Hero

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"Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary." Heroes don't always have to be "flawless" and "well liked." In fact, Bilbo was the exact opposite of the stereotypical hero, Bilbo Baggins was the type of person to keep to themselves. He was very placid with his lifestyle, not much of the adventurous type, until one day the great wizard Gandalf invites him to join in on an adventure, but Bilbo declines the invitation. The next day, a band of dwarves arrived at Bilbo's house and convinced Bilbo to come along, and so they ventured on their journey. Bilbo experienced many moments of courage and found out what he was capable of. Bilbo shows many examples of being a hero by being selfless, brave and smart. "Happiness doesn't come through selfishness, but through selflessness everything comes back around." Selflessness is like a tree, it ensures that every leaf gets its perfect amount of sunlight and tries to make itself habitable and a resource for living things by bearing fruits and giving animals shelter. Bilbo is selfless towards the dwarves in The Hobbit by giving up his stored pastries and food to the peckish dwarves even though he was saving it for a certain occasion. Also, in chapter nine when the group is escaping the Elven kingdom, Bilbo thought of the dwarves before himself and helped them all into the barrels.

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