Bilbo's Transformation In The Hobbit

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“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” This quote from Dumbledore, in the second Harry Potter movie can directly relate itself to the famous novel The Hobbit, as Bilbo Baggins is forced to stand up to his friends. The Hobbit is a novel speaks of the human condition throughout its pages, even with the lack of human characters.There are complex characters that are easily relatable, like the Hobbit Bilbo, a shy creature thrown into an adventure, he grows strong and becomes a leader of the quest; or Thorin, a greedy dwarf whose story is a fall from grace. As Bilbo’s story evolves, he becomes a strong hero, through his character development and his increasing acts of courage.…show more content…
Even as an abundance of strange men come to his house uninvited for tea, Bilbo made it a point to be polite, “‘ I suppose you will all stay to supper?’ he said in his politest unpressing tones” (Tolkien 12). Bilbo’s home is invaded by dwarves he has never met, yet he serves them all, and makes sure to keep his tone polite, as at the time that was what was most important to the hobbit. At this point he isn’t much of a hero, and his morals are not as impressive as they become. Throughout the novel’s progression Bilbo’s morals begin to change, slowly at first, but he soon becomes severely loyal to his friends. Even when trolls, who were threatening to eat the hobbit, asked if there were others with him Bilbo answered saying “‘Yes lots,’ said Bilbo, before he remembered not to give his friends away” (37). Bilbo ended lying to the trolls, saying he was alone, trying to stop the trolls from looking for Thorin and Company, hoping that the dwarves would avoid the fate that Bilbo was positive would befall him. Though early in the novel Bilbo as has already gone through much character development, as he no longer just cares for what he is going to eat next, and how others see him. The concerns of the hobbit are for his friends, a strong hero like quality, one that is glorified in many hero’s tales, as he is becoming a martyr for his friend’s and their cause. As Bilbo fought for his life in the goblin tunnels deep within the mountain, he encountered Gollum, a creature that meant to kill the hobbit, Bilbo was invisible at the time, and could have easily killed the slimy creature but, “No, not a fair fight” (87). Bilbo’s fear of Gollum could have made the hobbit kill the creature, but what he did shows greater strength, as he allows the thing that scared him to live. The strong morals demonstrated by the hobbit, also show he is a

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