How Does Bilbo Change In The Hobbit

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Throughout the book, The Hobbit, Bilbos character develops in such a way that even a Baggins would have never thought of. If we look back to the beginning of the book we would see Bilbo as this frightened and cowardly Hobbit, that love the comfit of his own home perhaps sitting around his fireplace and smoking his pipe, the more Baggins side of his heritage. Once he is faced with this extraordinary adventure with a chance to journey to new and far lands, his mind is spit between what he felt comfortable doing or the more risky Took side of him. After making this crucial decision Bilbos life will never be the same. Throughout Bilbo great odyssey he was face with many trial and tribulations that defined his person more then he even knew. In the last six chapters of the, The Hobbit, Bilbo demonstrate his new Tookishness at three main times. The first, is when he gives the a Arkenstone of Thrain to the Elvenking and bard. The second, is when he fights in the battle of the five Armies and the third, is when he realizes the Shire is not as much of a home as he thought.…show more content…
Once he entered the tent were the Elvenking and Bard where located Bilbo said "This is the Arkenstone of Thrain, the Heart of the Mountain; and it is also the heart of Thorin. He values it above a river of gold. I give it to you. It will aid you in your bargaining.” (248) The courage it took to stand up to thorin and not give him what he so desperately desired the most, in order to help save so many lives from the ruthless slaughter of the stubborn dwarves and there ever so advancing

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