Lord Of The Flies Character Vs Society Analysis

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Fighting your family. Fighting your school. Fighting your town, or country, or even the whole world. Hating it, needing it, controlling it. Battling a society can drive a story well. Challenging a society intrigues the brain; it draws one's brain in. The sheer impossibility of character versus society, one against many, makes the book act like a magnet, dragging one's eyes along the words. 'Society' means a large group. 'Conflict' means an opposing force. But what happens when you clap them together? You end up with something that authors like to use, because it teases the mind. A small example would be... you. Don't like a school rule? Character versus society! Hate your boss? Character versus society! Want world peace? Character versus society.…show more content…
Ralph is forced to lead a failing tribe, its people abandoning it in favour of Jack’s clan. Ralph not only has to fight Jack, but he also has to fight Jack’s clan, but he also has to fight Jack’s clan, all while holding his own clan together. In the end Ralph’s friend piggy gets killed and his last two ‘littluns' are tortured until they join Jack’s clan. The whole of Jack’s clan starts chasing Ralph, intent to kill him, but luckily a British war seaman goes into contact with them, and with the sight of their first adult in days, all their animalism disappears, and they are all rational again. The fact that Ralph and Jack’s society are separated from the world makes their society forget the old ways, and turn to monsters. But at the end of the book, the seaman looks at the battle in the distance, and realises that their war’s not so different from his…show more content…
In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Katniss is forced to become a tribute in the Hunger Games an event where 24 kids between the ages of twelve to eighteen are forced to kill each other in a duel to the death. Last person standing wins. Through trickery, she is able to make herself a boy, Peeta the champions. She does this by threatening to kill Peeta AND herself, leaving the ‘Capitol’ with no winner. This is against the rules, so the Capitol is forced to make two champions. By doing this, she is unconsciously defying the Capitol, a society. One thing leads to another, and she finds herself leading a rebellion. Character (technically with a rebellion behind her) Versus Society. Katniss defines the Capitol in every way. Mocking it, bad-mouthing it, destroying it. Eventually she, and the rebellion, wins. Of course, she assassinates the rebellion’s president, goes insane, and grows an intense hatred for president snow, but that’s a completely different

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