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DESCRIBED the artwork The above portrait is called Self- Portrait with cropped hair, by Frida Kahlo. It is an oil on canvas painting and was completed in 1940. This self-portrait depicts Frida, sitting in the middle of a room on a chair. The sitter has short hair, and there is pieces of hair strewn across her body and the floor around her, indicating she had just had all her hair cut off. The audience can see that she is the one who probably did it as she is holding a pair of scissors. There is also and small writing a long the top of the portrait. ANALYSE the art work. The main colours of this self-portrait are the dark blue of her suit, and the brown of her shirt and the flooring. These colours are also used in the wall paint behind the sitter. The darkness of those colours contrast against the brighter yellow of the chair, but overall the yellow doesn’t stand our as being overly bright, it seems to have been muted by the other dark, earthy colours. Frida has used the large amount of space around the sitter to show the volume of hair that has been chopped off. Frida has also used quite defined lines and a lot of tonal work in the sitter’s suit, which gives depth and strength to the image. This self-portrait focuses on adding accurate detail that will help the painting to look more…show more content…
This is done by positioning the sitter in the centre of the portrait, and having everything that is around her, lower than her so that the viewer is naturally drawn to the sitter because it is really the only thing in the room. Once the viewer has seen the sitter, the eye is drawn to look around the portrait to see the hair on the ground and make the connection to the title and what has happened in the image. The last thing the viewer would probably see is the writing and music along the top of the

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